Skillosophy is a soft skills training centre approved by the state of Luxembourg. We provide in-house and tailor-made training in a number of areas including:

  • Developing self-awareness & resilience.
  • Stress management.
  • Leadership & management.
  • Communication & public speaking.
  • Video production.
  • Customer reception & relations.
  • Self-promotion.

Video Production Training

Would you like to learn how to film and produce videos for the promotion of your company? Do you want to develop tutorials or feed your video channel on social media? We organise tailor-made trainings to help you achieve your visibility goals.

“L’accompagnement sur la vidéo m’as permis de franchir un cap technique et psychologique afin de me lancer et créer mes premières vidéos. Je recommande fortement!
Un vrai déclencheur! “



Our Services

Tools & Methods

Drawing on our experience in communication, sales, marketing, consultancy and coaching in the private, public and EU sectors, we build programmes in various areas including communication, leadership and management, client relations, personal development & management of self, and video production.

Free access toolbox available soon.
Tailor-made programmes

Every company and organisation has specific needs, cultures and goals. Our approach is tailor-made to meet the specific demands and challenges of each client.

On-line programmes
Available soon.

Skillosophy is a brand of VERSUS PARTNERS S.à.r l. – RCS: B231437, Life-long Vocational Training Organisation – Authorisation N°10098118.

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