Individual coaching

Take the time to take stock about yourself, orient yourself towards new challenges, gain self-confidence and improve your performance. We accompany you throughout your professional and personal development.
Book an appointment to define your objectives and start working now. We can meet at our office or at a distance by video conference, phone, email or chat.

What’s your coaching? 

Tools & Methods
Our personal development methodology is based on many tools that we adapt to your personality and your challenges.
Individual coaching

Do you think you need change? Do you know what you want to change and how … or maybe not yet? Do you want to develop a more fulfilling professional life? Coaching helps you harness your unique talents, identify what motivates you, adapt your communication, strengthen your resilience and efficiency, and better manage daily challenges at work.

Coaching for teenagers

Teens’ coaching focuses on boosting self-confidence and underlining talents to help young people face their future with confidence and enthousiasme.


What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a grid for reading human nature. It is a powerful tool to change your outlook on yourself but also on others. It is useful both in professional and personal life.

Nothing is fixed, the Enneagram coupled with coaching allows you to focus the sessions on your development axes and fully accept yourself. Discover your profile in two sessions.

Distance coaching

Are you far or little available? Are you keen on new technologies?
SKILLOSOPHY adapts to your pace combining video coaching, email and telephone coaching. Get in touch with us.


You have a presentation to make and public speaking terrifies you … or perhaps you just need to be on top of your game!
We use the camera to train you to pitch, to accept your image and your voice, to deliver an effective and impactful message, and even to prepare your job interview in videoconference.

In addition, we can help you produce your video CV … from A to Z!

Why choosing coaching?


Available soon

L'approche faite par SKILLOSOPHY m'a permis de faire une analyse approfondie de mes réactions en procédant par des exemples. Le plus constructif a été, à mon sens, de découvrir et de prendre conscience des conséquences de mon profil Ennéagramme et de ses répercussions dans les divers moments de ma vie. Cette espérience a été convaincante et m'a apporté de la sereinité.



A travers une méthode efficace, SKILLOSOPHY a réussi à me faire prendre conscience de ce dont j’avais besoin pour rétablir la balance entre vie professionnelle et vie personnelle. J’ai pu réaliser des actions concrêtes pour mieux avancer dans ma vie.


Web designer

Taking career coaching with Viviana was the wisest decision I have ever Made. It wasn’t only coaching that helped me land my dream job, it was life coaching.

I have learned how to control my emotions, be more confident and know myself better.


Internet security expert

L’accompagnement a été une occasion pour identifier mes fondamentaux, mes forces et mes axes d’amélioration, rêver un peu, pour me préparer et m’orienter vers de nouvelles aspirations professionnelles.


Marketing expert


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